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lady smiling close up - horses can read human expressions 0

Horses Can Read Human Expressions

New research has revealed that horses can read and remember human expressions. They then use what they have seen to later identify someone who may pose a threat to them. Karen McComb is professor...

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Can You Ride After a Hip Replacement?

Many equestrians will face hip replacements as a result of injuries or degenerative joint diseases. Nobody enjoys the prospect of surgery, but the thought that your condition could prevent you from riding again is...

horse legs in field - equine arthritis 0

Managing Arthritis in Your Horse

Arthritis is a serious issue for horses. It’s important to do everything you can to slow the progression of the disease and to minimise the pain that your horse experiences.

carrots can be used to feed horses medications 0

How to Give Medications to Your Horse

If you have ever tried to administer a tablet to an animal, you will know how difficult it can be. Most species are highly skilled at separating the pill from anything else that happens...


The Virtual Grand National

Punters are always looking for an edge to help them select the right horse in any race and to beat the bookmaker’s odds. But it takes a great deal of time to analyse the...

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Should Horses Be Turned Out 24/7?

This is a topic which is widely debated within the equestrian community. It’s certainly one that most of you will have considered at one time or another. Especially when thinking about the welfare of...