How To Choose a Livery Yard

You will be making a significant investment and your choice of livery yard will impact both your horse’s well-being and your lifestyle. It is important to find the right yard and so you should fully explore your choices. Ask as many questions as possible before you make any decisions.

horse in a stable - choosing a livery yard

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A Beginners Guide to Betting on Horse Racing

There is nothing quite like the thrill of picking a winner and watching him romp home. You are unlikely to be successful if you choose your horses at random or just because you like their name! It pays to pick wisely and to place the right kind of bet! If you haven’t gambled on the horses before then you may find all the information at a race confusing. Here’s a brief guide to betting on the horses.

smart phone, notepad and bag on table with coffee cup - beginners guide to betting on horse racing

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What is Match Betting?

Most people have placed a bet on a horse or some kind of sporting event at least once in their lives, even if it was just a flutter on the Grand National. There is nothing like the thrill of watching a race or a footy match when you could win yourself a nice wedge! But it is the bookies who always come out on top in the end.

The odds are always set to favour the bookies and so even knowledgeable punters will find it hard to make a profit from gambling. However, a new craze in betting raises the possibility of a sure thing!

match betting - horse racing

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How to Pick the Winner of the Grand National

The Grand National is the nation’s most popular race. This historic, atmospheric and thrilling annual event attracts so much interest that many people who would never usually gamble like to take their chance at picking the winner.

The race is long and arduous with challenging fences which can catch out even the most accomplished horse. It is a unique race and so it has never been easy to predict which horse will win. But if you fancy a flutter, you can give yourself a better chance of success by looking at the previous winners.

Finishing Post At Aintree - How to pick a winner at Grand National

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Warm Up Stretches & Exercises For Horse Riders

It is important to warm up before you engage in any vigorous sporting activity. Riding is no exception. Warming up helps to prevent injuries by increasing blood flow to the muscles and preparing the body for the more strenuous activity that is to come. A good warm up routine will enable you to ride more efficiently and will help you to find your balance and coordination.

lady stretching - exercises for horse riders

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Health & Fitness Benefits of Horse Riding

Is riding a horse good exercise? Anyone who has never ridden a horse would doubtless be shocked to discover the vigorous workout that a few hours in the saddle represents. Even if you have been riding for years you may not have given a great deal of consideration to how your activities are affecting your mind and body.

Horse riding is actually a fabulous way to keep yourself in shape and it is a lot more interesting than spending hour after hour in the gym!

Health benefits of horse riding as exercise - lady riding horse through water

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Nutrition for Veteran Horses

The older horse can be an absolute joy but has specific issues and nutritional needs which must be addressed. Your wonderful horse can lead a happy and healthy life if you are careful about their diet and wellbeing.

veteran horse fibre sugar beet

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The Dangers of Helium Balloons

It is impossible to fully protect your horses from every possible hazard, even if your property is in a remote area. People love helium balloons at parties and other events. However, they can fly many miles if they are released. The balloons are great fun but can scare animals or be eaten by them when they land.

helium balloons danger to horses

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How to Avoid a Fire at Your Yard

Fires can be devastating and are surely amongst any equestrian’s worst fears. An incident can result in serious damage to your buildings, the loss of costly equipment and even the death of your horses.

equestrian property stables or barn on fire

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New Royal Mail Stamp Issue Celebrates Racehorse Legends

On the 6th April 2017 Royal Mail will issue a set of eight stamps entitled Racehorse Legends. The stamps showcase the greatest horses to have lit up British racing. Royal Mail chose the eight horses that they honoured in conjunction with Great British Racing and the Racing Post. But which equine heroes made the cut?

Frankel (horse)

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