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Practical, affordable and versatile, Wellingtons are essential footwear for all. The boots have changed little over the years as it would have be hard to improve upon the exceptional qualities of this popular footwear.

Wellingtons boast a long history which began with the Duke of Wellington’s need for better boots in the 18th century. He instructed his bootmakers to produce a new style made from leather which would fit closely around the leg and which featured a small heel. The Duke was a celebrated war hero and so the nobility were keen to adopt this new kind of footwear. When Charles Goodyear invented the vulcanisation process for rubber it was possible to fashion similar boots in rubber which were robust and affordable.

Footwear manufacturer Hiram Hutchinson invested in a patent to make the boots and established a new brand in France which he christened A L’Aigle. He made boots for agricultural workers in France and they proved to be immensely popular. Wellingtons were then to find favour with the military and after World War II became popular with civilians.

Aigle Wellingtons

Aigle boots have a special place in fashion history as they were the first commercially produced rubber Wellies. The company has been crafting fine boots since 1853 and utilises a 60 step process. It takes their master craftsmen 2 years to perfect all of the steps. The Wellingtons are made with exceptional attention to detail and are manufactured in France.

We are proud to showcase Aigle Wellingtons in our range and we are sure that you will be impressed with the exceptional style and comfort of these iconic boots.

Aigle Wellingtons are fashioned using mostly natural rubber and offer unrivalled levels of comfort. With tri-density soles, shock absorbing heels and soft, cushioned insoles, these boots allow you to walk for longer without feeling fatigued.