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Allen and Page horse feed

Allen and Page is one of the world's leading horse feed companies. A family-owned firm, it has been producing horse feeds for four generations, and has become widely renowned for using only natural ingredients whenever achievable. The team don't use artificial or ‘nature identical’ flavours and the state of the art mill in which the feeds are made is entirely drug free.

Allen and Page is driven by a desire to help horse owners to feed their animals as naturally as possible, as well as providing horse feeds to aid with specific feeding problems.

A leader in its field

Allen and Page made history when it become the first horse feed company to receive approval from the Vegetarian Society for its range of natural feeds. The society only endorses those products that are free from animal constituents and are made without the use of genetically modified ingredients. It has very much led the way on using non-GM ingredients, continually striving to ensure that the soya and maize used in the feeds are all grown from non-GM seed. These crops cannot be guaranteed, however, the team take every precaution to make sure that customers and their horses have minimal exposure to any potential GM presence. Importantly, Allen and Page is constantly aware of its impact on the environment and takes steps to ensure that feeds are produced in an ethically responsible manner.

Our range of Allen and Page Horse Feeds

At Equi Supermarket, we're proud to stock an extensive range of Allen and Page horse feeds. Our selection includes Fast Fibre, which high in fibre and low in sugar and starch. This feed soaks in under a minute, ensuring that your horse's food will always be fresh. Other popular feeds include Calm & Condition, Veteran Vitality and Power and Performance. Whatever your horse's feeding requirements, you can be confident that you'll find the right feed in our vast range.