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Baileys Horse Feed

Baileys Horse Feeds is a family owned and run firm and has been developing and manufacturing high quality horse feeds for over 30 years. What sets this company apart from the many others selling horse feed in the UK is that the team have significant ties to the equestrian world, with many of them not just owning horses, but competing, racing and breeding too. They are true horse men and women, and therefore you can rest assured that those behind the brand really understand your equine needs. What's more, they are constantly striving to improve their products.

A focus on science and technology

Baileys Horse Feeds places a signifiant focus on science and technology in its production of high quality horse feeds. The company's experienced nutrition team, which is led by Liz Bulbrook BSc (Hons), is constantly reviewing the very latest scientific research into equine nutrition and feed technology and then applying relevant developments to the firm's product range. Baileys is continually investing in the most innovative production technology too, ensuring that the science behind Baileys is of the very highest calibre.

Buy Baileys Horse Feeds at Equi Supermarket

At Equi Supermarket, we're very pleased to stock a wide range of Baileys Horse Feeds, including the No 2 Working Horse and Pony Cubes, which are non-heating and easily digestible, and the No 13 Oat Free Horse and Pony Mix, which is a non-heating 'cool' mix for horses and ponies at rest or engaging in light or moderate work.

You'll also find limestone flour for calcium supplementation, garlic supplements to support a healthy respiratory and digestive system and high-fibre tasty treats. Baileys Horse Feed caters for all equestrian activity, so if your horse needs a huge amount of energy or endurance for long distance or a diet to suit a more sedentary lifestyle, you can feel confident that you'll find the correct and best feeds here at Equi Supermarket.