Bedmax horse bedding

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Bedmax Horse Bedding

BEDMAX was evolved on a family farm in Northumberland. The bedding was initially created for the racing industry in response to growing concerns about dusty stable environments. BEDMAX looked to develop a natural bedding which would minimise dust whilst being comfortable, easy to use and affordable. BEDMAX consulted vets and equestrians and then developed their exceptional wood shaving bedding

Fresh Timber

BEDMAX is made from fresh timber, principally pine, and this is sustainably sourced in the UK. Each bag contains mainly large shavings but also features a proportion of smaller savings which fall to the base of the bedding. The shavings are dried at temperatures which sterilize them and moisture content is carefully controlled. The bedding is then vacuumed to remove dust.

The Benefits of BEDMAX Bedding

This fine bedding offers many benefits. Pine is antibacterial and so helps with stable hygiene. The large shavings provide excellent support for hooves and resting horses. The bedding remains dry because the smaller shavings fall to the bottom and then absorb the urine which drains down from the upper layers. There is virtually no dust and BEDMAX offers the perfect moisture content to ensure that it remains dry but without causing dried out hooves.

This exceptional wood shaving horse bedding is extremely popular with professional equestrians, breeders, race horse trainers and leisure riders. As well as offering the perfect bedding for horses BEDMAX is easy to dispose of as soiled material will form excellent compost and can be used in biomass energy production.