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Carr and Day and Martin

There are few companies anywhere in the world which can boast the impressive heritage of Carr and Day and Martin. Producing leather care products since 1765, this company has a fascinating history.

Before Boot Polish

During the reign of George IV fine leather boots were extremely fashionable with the nobility. Their servants would varnish the leather but could not polish it because boot polish did not exist. It was inevitable that someone would find the solution to this problem and that someone was a man named Martin. He had evolved a boot blacking for his superior officers when in the army. He offered the recipe to a hairdresser named Day and promised that it would make Day a fortune of he could produce it.

Day and Martin

The pair opened a shop together in London. The polish was originally mixed at the back of the shop but it became so popular that the business expanded rapidly. It eventually occupied much larger premises on the same site. Day had seen a great opportunity and also proved to be highly skilled at promoting the product. He arranged for beautiful black horses to pull the company’s carriages. It is rumoured that these horses were borrowed for the state funeral of the Duke of Wellington. Now there’s someone who knew a thing or two about boots!

The business made a natural progression into equine care products. It was bought by Carr and Son in 1923 and became Carr and Day and Martin. The company remains the UK’s leading producer of equine care products and has held the Royal Warrant since the eighteenth century. So the products are fit for royalty and would certainly serve you incredibly well too.

Carr and Day and Martin at Equi supermarket

The Equi Supermarket range would not be complete without the fine products from Carr and Day and Martin. We are pleased to bring you the exceptional shampoos and coat shines together with the mane and tail conditioner. Your horse’s hoofs are expertly cared for by the Hoof Barrier, Hoof Dressing and Hoof Moisturiser. The Carr and Day and Martin story began with leather polish and so it is no surprise that the range also features outstanding cleaners and conditioners for your tack. Carr and Day and Martin remain the UK’s leading producer of equine care products and it isn’t difficult to see why.