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Champion Riding Hats

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of wearing a riding hat. Your helmet should adhere to the latest safety standards and provide a good fit. But which helmet should you choose? Champion boast a reputation built on the highest standards of safety. The fine track record of Champion riding hats has ensured that they are the choice of many leading equestrians. You really can’t go wrong with Champion Hats.

Champion for Champions

The world’s top riders are extremely safety conscious and will always choose the finest helmets. Pippa Funnell, Piggy French, Kitty King and Joseph Murphy all choose to ride in Champion hats and you can join them. Safe and exceptionally comfortable, Champion hats give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what you most enjoy – your riding.

Safety First

Champion have been producing exceptional riding hats for more than 30 years. Safety has always been the primary concern and Champion have continued to use new technology and materials to improve their designs. The Champion range is, therefore, always designed to reflect the latest scientific research.

Every Champion product is rigorously and regularly tested. Each helmet is constructed to exceed the required standards for shock absorption, penetration, harness strength and stability. Champion riding hats are also carefully conceived to offer the finest fit. Every style is incredibly comfortable so you will never want to take your helmet off.

Champion Riding Hats at Equi Supermarket

We are proud to feature Champion helmets in our range here at Equi Supermarket. We offer both adult and junior styles including the outstanding Ventair helmets. These include Champion’s unique airflow system for greater comfort when things are hotting up. We bring you the leading equestrian brands at the lowest prices so that you can ride in comfort and style but without breaking the bank.