Charles Owen horse riding hats

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Charles Owen Riding Hats

Charles Owen boasts a proud history and has been producing exceptional riding hats for more than a century. Founded by Charles Owen himself in 1911, the company remains a family run business. The mission is and has always been to fashion products which make the world a safer place.

The Charles Owen story began with the production of helmets for the military. In 1924 the company was granted a patent for a design that considerably improved the ventilation and fit of the military helmets used in tropical regions. Charles Owen then introduced the first custom fit motorcycle helmets. Charles Owen helmets have always been renowned for their amazing fit. In the 1930’s the company’s attention turned to equestrian headwear and the new helmets were to have a dramatic impact on jockey safety. Skull fractures amongst jockeys were reduced by half following the introduction of Charles Owen helmets.

Time marches on and today’s Charles Owen styles utilise the latest technologies and materials to provide even greater head protection. The helmets remain notable for their fabulous fit and safety is always the primary concern. Today Charles Owen’s grandson Roy Burek is at the helm and he is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in head protection.

Equestrians want to be safe but they value their look too. From the early days the design team were aware that riders wished to look at their best and so Charles Owen helmets have always scored highly on style. They offer the perfect combination of safety features and fine design. The latest Charles Owen helmets feature 3D sculpting and the impressive microft system making them the most comfortable riding hats that you will find. Safe, stylish and comfortable, Charles Owen riding hats are the complete package.

We are proud to showcase the fine riding hats from Charles Owen here at Equi Supermarket. Our range includes styles for both adults and junior riders. We feature the fine Ayr8 ventilated riding hat, lightweight skulls and jockey skulls. We simply had to feature Charles Owen’s award winning riding hats in our collection and we are pleased to tell you that they are all made in Britain at an award winning factory.