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Dengie Horse Feed

Founded in the 1960s, Dengie is the leading manufacturer of fibre-based horse feeds and the biggest alfalfa producer in the UK. The company offers a full range of products, from its Alfa-A and Hi-Fi ranges to its popular Natural Vitality Supplements. Whatever your horse's age and workload, you can rest assured that Dengie can help you to develop the optimal diet for your animal.

Why Choose Dengie for Alfalfa ?

Dengie is the only horse feed producer in the country to grow, process and market high temperature dried alfalfa fibre feeds for horses. This allows the company to control the quality of each and every bag. You can rest assured that it will deliver the protein and antioxidants that your horse requires, catering to his unique nutritional requirements. Today, Dengie harvests 5,000 acres of alfalfa and crops are grown with the utmost care and attention to the environment and using fewer pesticides. What's more, because the alfalfa is grown near to the processing site, this ensures that food miles are lower too.

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The company has an ongoing commitment to improving horses’ health and therefore employs a team of experienced and highly qualified nutritionists. They are dedicated to carrying out research into equine nutrition and shaping the development of the company's products. Dengie Horse Feeds has expanded dramatically since the '60s, and has invested heavily in the machinery it needs to cut vast acreages quickly. The team have also increased their drying capacity to allow them to dry the alfalfa at the right time.

Buy Dengie Horse Feed at Equi Supermarket

Equi Supermarket is one of the leading stockists of Dengie Horse Feed, supplying a range of Dengie products to meet your horse's dietary needs. Whether you're looking to buy Alfa-A Original - the highly digestible fibre feed for working horses and ponies; or one of the broad selection of Hi-Fi feeds such as Good Do-er (a complete maintenance feed for horses prone to gaining weight), you can be confident that we can cater to your requirements.