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Dodson and Horrell

With 70 years' experience in the industry, Dodson and Horell is Europe's leading horse feed manufacturer. The team have a wealth of expertise to call on and are continually looking to grow and improve their range of high-quality feeds, supplements and herbal products. You can rest assured that Dodson and Horell feeds will provide your horse with the very best nutrition in feeds which have been tailored to suit their dietary needs.

Many of the company's products contain extra antioxidants thanks to the unique QLC (Quality Life Care) antioxidant package. This patented mixture of natural and plant-derived antioxidants has been specially formulated to support a horse's own natural antioxidant system. This promotes their long-term health, condition and performance.

Quality Assurance

What sets Dodson and Horell apart from many other horse feed manufacturers is that the company tests every raw material as well as the finished products. This ensures that all feeds meet the firm's exceptionally high standards. The company has a dedicated laboratory on-site where tests are carried out to determine the nutritional value of batches of raw materials, along with the finished feed.

Testing uses modern Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) and also roots out any mycotoxins, heavy metals, salmonella and GM material. Dodson and Horrell manufactures according to a strict code of feed safety, ensuring that products are always produced in licensed premises and using quality assured ingredients. It is a result of the company's commitment to manufacturing high-quality horse feed that it was awarded the Royal Warrant as horse feed manufacturer to HM Queen Elizabeth II back in 1985.

Dodson and Horell at Equi Supermarket

You'll find a vast range of Dodson and Horell products here at Equi Supermarket. These include popular mixes such as the Mare and Youngstock Mix and the Country Competition Mix, along with Barley Rings (a balanced barley and linseed mash designed for weight gain that can be fed dry or soaked), Comfrey Leaf and Milk Thistle. You will also discover the best prices so what are you waiting for?