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Easibed Hore Bedding

Wood fibre is a relatively new innovation in horse bedding which is proving popular with many equestrians. This is a dust free and environmentally friendly choice which is also insulating and comfortable for horses. Easibed produce exceptional wood fibre horse bedding with great environmental credentials which many equestrians wouldn’t want to be without.

Easibed horse bedding is manufactured by Hadfield Wood Recyclers, one of the longest standing recycling companies in the UK. The recycled wood is stringently cleaned before being processed into a range of award winning products. Those products have been extensively researched and developed in conjunction with horse lovers to ensure that they offer the best possible benefits. That is why we are pleased to offer Easibed bedding here at Equi Supermarket.

This bedding represents a genuine breakthrough. It is a dust free bedding and highly consistent in quality and can be stored outside which is a major boon. It is free draining and yet absorbent. Liquids drain through to the bottom layer where they are absorbed leaving the top layer dry for the perfect bed. This material doesn’t blow about in the wind and will not cling to manes and tails.

Easibed is simple to handle and results in smaller muck heaps. This helps to keep the stables tidier. You can simply remove muck from the top layer each day and then occasionally remove the damp lower layer and top up the bedding. Better still, Easibed benefits from Organic Farmers and Growers certification and so can be used to spread on land in the organic farming system. Easibed is a wonderful innovation which utilises recycled wood to create a practical and healthy bedding for your horse. Particularly helpful for horses with respiratory issues, Easibed is used extensively by professionals and leisure riders alike.