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The team at Effol believe that horses are treasured friends who deserve loving care. This care engenders mutual appreciation and ensures that the relationships between owners and their horses become deeper and more fulfilling. Looking after a horse is not an onerous task but rather a wonderful privilege that should always be enjoyed.

For over 100 years Effol have been developing the highest quality products to enable owners to take the best care of their horses. Each product has been carefully evolved and formulated from natural ingredients. The range is dermatologically tested to ensure that each formula is friendly to horses’ skin. You can promote improved performance, greater vitality and excellent all-round health with Effol’s outstanding products.

The range includes the highly regarded Original Hoof Ointment and Hoof Oil. These are suitable for all hoof types and encourage healthy hoof growth. The hoof is strengthened and the formulas help to keep hoof diseases at bay. Daily use will ensure an end to brittle hoofs.

Hoof health is vitally important and should never be neglected. Effol create the products which enhance the daily equine care regime. They deliver treatments which really work so horses remain in tip top condition and owners can relax in the knowledge that they have provided the highest level of care.