Equest horse wormers

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Equest Horse Wormers

Equest oofer a range of highly effective equine worming products developed by animal healthcare specialists, Zoetis. With over 60 years’ experience in animal healthcare, Zoetis are able to deliver the products which enable owners to provide the best possible care for their horses. They dedicate themselves to working towards a better understanding of the challenges faced by those who care for animals and to providing the best solutions.

Equest Equimax Tabs are the first equine wormers to be provided in the form of palatable tablets. These are apple flavoured to maximise their appeal and ensure that the vital worming process is as simple and pleasant as possible. The tablets are effective against roundworms, all three species of tapeworms and bots.

A single dose of Equest Pramox oral gel is effective in the treatment of mixed cestode and nematode or arthropod infestations. This includes the encysted inhibited EL3 and developing intramucosal L4 larval stages of small redworms.

Sometimes experience rally counts! The team at Zoetis boasts the required knowledge and experience to create equine healthcare products which are safe, effective and user friendly. You can use Equest oral gel and tablets with confidence knowing that you have chosen the very best products to tackle a very important aspect of equine care.