Sometimes a success story can be built on a single outstanding innovation. That is exactly what happened with Equilibrium. The company was founded in 2001 with the invention of the Net Relief® Muzzle Net, a clever accessory which controlled head shaking. The range has since evolved into a fine collection of diverse products which really improve horses’ lives. There is much to admire in the Equilibrium Products range which we just had to feature here at Equi Supermarket. Many problems can have effective solutions if you look for them and that is exactly what Equilibrium have proved adept at doing.


The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad was designed to offer massage therapy for horses. This simple to use and affordable innovation has met with great praise from equestrians.

Stretch and Flex®

Equilibrium Stretch and Flex® wraps, bandages and boots are favoured by many leading riders. Flexible and breathable support is provided for horses’ legs by a fine range of products featuring Stomatex®. This is a specially developed form of neoprene which has tiny pores which draw moisture away from the skin. These boots and bandages provide excellent support and protection whilst being comfortable to wear.

Munch™ and Simply Irresistible

In 2014 Equilibrium turned their attention to equine nutrition and again really hit the mark. The munch™ range of snacks offers highly convenient forage blocks with healthy supplements to provide a boost for horses. The delicious Simply Irresistible collection of food toppings makes the dullest of feeds inviting and provides a great solution for horses on restricted diets. Made entirely from natural ingredients these toppers are also ideal for fussy eaters and can be used as hand fed treats. From one simple idea Equilibrium Products has grown into an impressive collection of feed supplements and accessories which really work. The brand continues to research new developments