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Equivite has been providing effective nutritional supplements for horses for over 70 years. The range remains the premier choice for thousands of trainers and owners seeking all purpose, complete multi-vitamins and mineral supplements for their horses and ponies.

Why Choose Equivite Horse Supplements?

Horses need a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals in order to enjoy optimum health and vitality. Even minor shortfalls can result in poor performance or lacklustre appearance. However, it is only when nutrients work in balance that optimum health is ensured. Unfortunately, upsetting this balance is easy as whilst many horse owners add at least two supplements to their horses daily ration, these supplements may not necessarily be designed to work in harmony. Equivite supplements eliminate the risk of upsetting this delicate balance as they consider the horse as a whole, catering to all of its nutritional requirements.

Equivite at Equi Spuermarket

At Equi Supermarket, we're proud to stock Equivite supplements, including Equivite Original - an all-purpose, palatable broad spectrum supplement. This is designed for horses and ponies in light work or at rest, as well as good doers, on small amounts of hard feed or hay. It is available in easily mixed powder form and contains chelated minerals for easier absorption. We also offer Equivite Body Builder which is a unique concentrated non-heating conditioning pellet – an effective alternative to traditional, high starch weight gain feeds that often lead to excitability. It has been shown to make all the difference to horses struggling for condition.