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Euro Star

The prestigious Euro-Star brand was founded by Hans Gotzens in 1959. Gotzens was something of a pioneer who consistently searched for new technology and materials which would could be used to improve comfort and functionality. Gotzens was passionate about equestrian sport and possessed great vision. His dynamic approach has seen Euro-Star evolve into a leading equestrian brand offering an exceptional range of equestrian clothing. The outstanding products enable horse and rider to become the perfect team.

At Equi Supermarket we are delighted to introduce you to Euro-Star breeches. These beautiful designs boast cool, contemporary styling, fine fabrics and innovative features. The leg closures include elastic inserts which enhance comfort and render Velcro unnecessary. The breeches offer perfect fits at the ankle which provide the highest levels of comfort when the breeches are worn with riding boots.

Contrasting stitching, metal studs, Lurex zippers, crystals and appliques provide the beautiful finishing touches which distinguish Euro-Star beeches. Euro-Star breeches are superior styles with a premium look and feel. Their chic styling, fine fabrics and clever design features ensure that they look and feel fabulous. If would like to enhance your equestrian wardrobe with outstanding riding breeches then you will simply love the Euro-Star range. Why not look your best both in and out