Farriers Formula

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Farriers Formula

Farrier's Formula is a pelleted hoof supplement manufactured by Life Data Labs Inc – a company dedicated to the production of premium quality animal nutrition and health products. The firm, which has its headquarters in Cherokee in Alabama, continuously strives to improve and develop its product range as well as its production processes.

Providing the Nutrients Your Horse Needs

Farrier's Formula can either be added as a top dressing on regular feed, or given to the horse separately. It provides a range of important nutrients, including omega fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamins and minerals, as well as vital amino acids. These nutrients help horses to build connective tissue proteins that are invaluable for healthy hoof growth and structure. Farrier's Formula's effectiveness has been proven over 30 years of research, field testing and clinical trials.

Addressing Weak Hoof Structure

Farrier's Formula helps to address weak hoof structure, which can cause hoof wall problems such as quarter cracks, sand cracks and toe cracks, hoof wall separation and brittle hoof walls. These hoof defects can create the perfect environment for microbial invasions that can cause white line disease along with crumbling horn. Farrier's Formula is also useful for horses with thin soft soles (these animals are susceptible to sudden lameness from bruising), as well as horses recovering from laminitis.

Superior Quality Control

Unlike some of its competitors, Life Data does not outsource production of its products, standing firm to the principle that the manufacture of supplements within its own facility allows for a superior level of quality control. It prevents cross contamination of ingredients and results in a higher quality product. In comparison, those supplements that are manufactured by other parties have a greater risk of contamination, particularly if production takes place in feed mills where the processing of feeds containing animal-derived ingredients or cattle feeds could also be conducted. Cattle feeds frequently contain chemicals that are toxic to horses.

At Equi Supermarket, we offer 5kg refill bags of Farrier's Formula. In adult horses, it's recommended that after feeding the recommended replenishment level for six to eight months, the amount should usually be reduced to half for maintenance. If problems persist, resume feeding at the replenishment level.