Fulmart horse Feed

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Fulmart horse Feed

We are sure that you will enjoy the premium quality of Fulmart Feeds’ haylage and compressed natural forage.

Equilage® by Fulmart Feeds

The excellent Equilage® Timothy and Ryegrass offers a mix of ryegrasses and Timothy grass. This produces a high fibre, low protein feed which is suitable for leisure horses and ponies, native ponies, veterans and horses that are resting. This is a highly palatable haylage and so is ideal for fussy feeders or to provide variety in your horse’s diet. The higher protein Equilage® Original is more suitable for competition and heavy horses.

Equiblox® by Fulmart Feeds

Equiblox® Hi-Fibre Blocks are the perfect choice for horses and ponies that tend to gain weight easily and for those in light to medium work. Hi-Fibre blocks are extremely palatable but have low nutritional value so they are a great treat or complementary feed that you can offer your horse without the risk of weight gain.

Behind the Brand

Fulmart Feeds was founded back in 1997 and initially specialised in the production of Equilage®, a high quality equestrian haylage. The grasses used are grown on Fulmart’s own farms which are located in the Vale of York.

Over the years the team at Fulmart has developed a fine range of horse feeds to suit the needs of both leisure and competition animals. All of the feeds have been evolved with great care and attention to detail and are produced using the latest processes to ensure consistent and high quality results. We are pleased to showcase Fulmart Feeds’ fine range here at Time for Paws. If you have any question about Fulmart Feeds’ products or anything that you see on our site then please do contact our expert team who will be happy to help you make the right decisions.