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Global Herbs

Your horse may require the addition of supplements to its diet in order to remain in tip top condition. Supplements can also be utilised to address a variety of specific conditions including respiratory issues, mobility problems and excitable behaviour. Global herbs is a fine range of supplements made from natural ingredients. The supplements are formulated using a combination of scientific research and traditional wisdom to provide the most effective solutions.

Stephen Ashdown

The company was founded by vet Stephen Ashdown. Stephen began his veterinary career working in the UK but subsequently travelled far and wide. During his travels he was fascinated to meet many people who lived close to nature and who had great wisdom regarding animal husbandry. Stephen developed an interest in the healing properties of natural supplements and so Global Herbs was born.

25 Years’ Experience

Global Herbs have now been producing a comprehensive range of equine supplements for more than 25 years. These help horses to lead happier, healthier lives. The company continues to use scientific research to learn more about equine nutrition so that the effectiveness of the products is assured. We are proud to be able to bring you the Global Herbs range here at Equi Supermarket.

Supplements for Every Horse

Whether your horse requires a boost to its respiratory function, increased mobility in its joints or help with remaining calm, you will find an appropriate supplement in the Global Herbs range. There are also supplements to help keep flies at bay, to support horses which are prone to laminitis and to take care of horse’s eyes and skin. From enhancing coasts to reducing summer itching, Global Herbs’ supplements improve horse’s lives.

WWe invite you to explore the Global Herbs supplements where you could find the perfect formulas to help your horse.