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Havens Horse Feeds

If your horse is a veteran and has difficulty chewing, then Havens Slobber-Mash could be the solution you are looking for. This highly palatable blend of flaked cereals, toasted linseed, wheat bran and dehydrated alfalfa is easy to eat and to digest and features added vitamins and minerals. This feed supports improved condition in skin, hair and Hoofs for a horse that looks as good as it feels.

In addition to helping older horses, Slobber-Mash is also a good choice for horses suffering from colic and those who struggle to maintain their ideal bodyweight. We are pleased to feature this fine feed in our range here at Equi Supermarket as Havens is a name that we trust to deliver exceptional quality and consistency in their feeds./p>

Havens was founded in 1845 in The Netherlands. Over the generations the company has moved with the times to incorporate the latest processing equipment and methods to ensure the finest quality feeds. The result is premium feeds that are valued by equestrians in more than 50 countries around the world.

There is no substitute for knowledge, experience and the best ingredients. Havens Feeds and Concentrates combine all three to create the carefully conceived feeds that will provide a nutritious diet for your horse.