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Heygates Horse Feeds

Heygates Horse Feeds are made using traditional raw materials and innovative modern technology, resulting in the very best possible quality as well as value for money. The Heygate family has been farming in Northamptonshire since back in 1562 and took over the mill on the banks of the river Nene at Bugbrooke in the early 19th century. This mill has been standing ever since the Domesday Book! Heygate Horse Feeds has grown to be a leading company in feed milling, producing up to 3000 tonnes of animal feed every week.

Feeds With Traditional Cooked Flakes

Unlike many other products on the market, Heygates Horse Feeds coarse mixtures use cooked cereal flakes. The whole grains are first cleaned before being cooked and then rolled. This process ensures that the energy from the grains is more easily available to the horse's digestive system. It also helps to make the feed non-heating, whilst still providing valuable nutrients that horses require for health and wellbeing.

Heygates Horse Feeds are formulated using fresh bran products from the company's own flour mills and are fortified with the optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, protein (sources include rape meal and soya bean meal) and trace elements. When the flour millers produce fine bran for the horse feeds, they add wheatgerm as well, which means that the horse feeds are packed with natural goodness. Some of the products contain natural live yeast in order to aid digestion. All the feeds manufactured by Heygates are vegetarian. No animal proteins at all are used.

Quality Control

Heygates take quality control very seriously in the production of their horse feeds. In fact, it is one of the most important functions in the animal feed mill. Raw material samples as well as finished products are tested by highly trained technicians within the on-site laboratory, ensuring that all feeds meet strict quality criteria. You can rest assured that Heygates Horse Feeds have been produced to the highest possible standards in order to provide your horse with the nutrition that they require.

Equi Supermarket stocks an impressive selection of Heygates Horse Feeds, including Horse and Pony Nuts (a safe non heating diet for all horses and ponies at rest or in light or moderate work). We also feature Traditional Blend (a non-heating coarse ration ideal for horses in light or moderate work or, alternatively, as a light feed for resting horses) and Conditioning Cubes (a versatile ration for adding and keeping condition on all horse and ponies).