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Hilton Herbs

A fine range of equine supplements featuring no additives, Hilton Herbs’ products are firm favourites with many equestrians worldwide.

The company was founded by Hilary and Tony Self in 1990. They initially produced herbal supplements at their Victorian farmhouse but the success of their products quickly meant that they had outgrown their yard. The business was relocated to Downclose Farm in Somerset in 1993 where there is now a purpose built manufacturing facility. The Hilton Herbs offices are situated in a converted cowshed!

Hilary and Tony remain passionate about providing the finest complimentary healthcare for horses. So passionate that Hilary completed a degree in Herbal Medicine and is now qualified to treat humans! She has lectured across the world on equine herbal solutions and is a leading authority on the subject.

With Hilton Herbs you always have the assurance that the products have been formulated by a knowledgeable and highly trained expert in her field. The range is constantly being developed and improved and now encompasses healthcare products for dogs, poultry and racing pigeons. All products have been tried and tested, feature natural ingredients and include no animal by-products.

We are delighted to feature Hilton Herbs’ range which includes highly regarded equine supplements that many equestrians swear by. With calming supplements and formulas for great hoof health, every horse can benefit from Hilton Herbs’ exceptional range.