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Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ireland was founded in 1985 by Tom and Carol Macguinness. Their ambition was to create the world’s finest rugs for horses. Rugs which would not leak, would not slip and which would not cause the horses to sweat. They began with a hand stitched prototype. When the first rugs were sold they met with immediate success but Horseware have continued to research the latest fabrics and technologies to ensure that their rugs are always the best that they can be.

Extensive Testing

TAt Horseware every new style is subjected to rigorous testing over the course of an entire year. Each rug is tested on at least 20 different horses before it can be deemed to have passed muster. This is so that Horseware can be sure that the rugs are an excellent fit for horses of different sizes. They even keep a rug on their roof for luck and to test the waterproofing! The finest fabrics and carefully conceived designs combine to produce high performance rugs but at affordable prices.

Rambo and Amigo

The Horseware range incorporates both the Rambo and Amigo collections of horse rugs. All Rambo rugs are fashioned from 1000D ballistic Nylon. This incredibly strong fabric was first developed to make airman’s jackets during World War II. Rambo rugs are, therefore, guaranteed to remain breathable and waterproof for a period of at least three years. As such they represent an excellent investment.

All of the rugs which Horseware Ireland produce are designed to afford the necessary freedom of movement. The collections feature turnout rugs, stable rugs, liners, fleece liners and show rugs. We are delighted to include a fabulous selection of Horseware rugs in our range here at Equi Supermarket. These are joined by saddle pads and our favourite styles from the Horseware clothing range.

Horseware Ireland have gained an enviable reputation for the highest quality and we are sure that you will find the perfect horse rugs and equestrian clothing in this exceptional range.