Aubiose horse bedding

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You will have chosen your leather tack carefully and it could serve you well for years if properly cared for. The Hydrophane range offers the products you need to look after your leather in the traditional way.

Hydrophane Blended Neatsfoot waterproofs, conditions, softens and preserves leather to keep it in tip top condition for longer. Sometimes the tried and tested, traditional ways of doing things simply work a treat! Your leather saddle will be good as new if you treat it with Hydrophane Conditioner which features the benefits of neatsfoot, lanolin, glycerine and silicone.

If your horse tends to bite and chew on wooden rails, then Hydrophane’s highly regarded Cribox Ointment is the solution you are looking for. Cribox had been trusted by generations of equestrians and they can’t all be wrong!