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Fly protection for horses is extremely important. There are several species of flying insects which will attack horses. This is unpleasant for the horse and can lead to serious health issues. Horseflies, deerflies, stable flies and horn flies will all bite horses. The bites are often very painful and open up the possibility of infestation and infection. But what fly protection should you use?

Power Phaser

We are delighted to be able to introduce you to Power Phaser from Leovet. Power Phaser is available in both Gel and Spray form. This is a powerful insect repellent packed with active ingredients which provides protection against mosquitoes, horse flies, flies and ticks, even when your horse is perspiring. The sponge included with the gel allows Power Phaser to be applied comfortably to tender parts of the body and to sensitive horses whilst protecting your hands from soiling. Power Phaser gives seven hours of protection against flies.

Created by a Pharmacist

Leovet was founded by Pharmacists Dr. Ulf Jacoby. He had worked as a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry before taking over the running of his parent’s pharmacy. But he was also a keen rider and so was inspired to use his expertise to create horse care products. Leovet was born and the company’s exceptional range of products has proved popular with equestrians across Europe.

If you have been searching for effective fly protection for your horse, then you have found an excellent choice in Power Phaser from Leovet.