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Horses can easily become bored and frustrated in the stable environment but the brilliant team at Likit evolved the perfect solution! The Delicious but healthy Likit treats are a great diversion in their own right and can be placed in the Likit range of stable toys to present horses with a challenge to overcome in order to enjoy their treat.

The business was established in 2002 and now Likits are enjoyed by horses all over the world. The outstanding treats and toys are quite simply must haves and they certainly had to feature in the Equi Supermarket Range.

Likit Treats

Likit remains a family run business and manufacturers the fine toys and treats in Scotland. The treats feature high quality, human grade ingredients and are developed in conjunction with a leading equine nutritionist to ensure that they are healthy options for horses. The delicious licks are available in several tasty flavours so you can pick your horse’s favourite or give them the benefit of variety.

Likit Toys

Likits treats are deigned to be placed in the clever stable toys which feature in the collection. Likit have developed a challenge system so each toy is designated as having a low, medium or high challenge level. It is best to start out with a low challenge toy until your horse gets the idea of Likits. If you make things too difficult from the outset, then they could just simply give up trying. The Boredom Breaker represents the hardest challenge but, perhaps, the greatest benefit.

Boredom Breaker

All Likit toys help to prevent boredom but the Boredom Breaker will really keep your horse stimulated. This brilliant toy provides a substitute for grazing and so wards off the frustration that horses can feel when being inside stops them exhibiting this natural behaviour. Their stress levels are reduced and so the Boredom Breaker promotes good all-round equine health.

Likits provide a healthy yet tasty treat for your horse whilst keeping them occupied. It makes you wonder why nobody thought of them before!