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Lincoln believe that beauty isn’t only skin deep, at least when it comes to horses. The Lincoln collection of horse care products is designed to work in synergy to ensure that your horse is healthy on the inside as well as beautiful on the outside. We are pleased to bring you the excellent equine shampoos, fly protection and anti-bacterial sprays together with the glycerine soap you need to nourish your tack. Lincoln products have been the first choice of discerning equestrians for over 35 years.

Lincoln Antibacterial Gel and Spray

If your horse has suffered minor cuts or abrasions, then you can ward off potential infections using Lincoln’s antibacterial products. The gel and spray are soothing whilst creating a barrier to protect the wounds. Both products contain DEET, a powerful insect repellent which will prevent flies from settling on the breaks in your horse’s skin.

Lincoln Ditch the Itch and Lice Control

Ideal for sweet itch susceptible horses, Ditch the Itch can be used throughout the sweet itch season as a midge repellent. It will alleviate the problems of sweet itch to leave your horse more comfortable. You can also take advantage of the Lincoln Lice Control Powder which is an insecticidal powder of low toxicity that kills lice quickly.

Glycerine Spray Soap and Gel Soap

Why not enjoy the benefit of glycerine soap to nourish and protect your leather but in a user friendly spray? This is the convenient way to take care of your tack so that it gives you years of service. Alternatively try the excellent gel soap which provides a contemporary take on an effective traditional treatment.