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Marksway Horsehage

The original dust free forage, Marksway HorseHage is an all- natural forage that supports a healthy respiratory system.Marksway HorseHage was conceived by eventer Mark Westaway when he became worried about his horses’ persistent coughs. His vet felt that the coughing was dust-related and that the problems would continue in the absence of dust-free forage. This remark led directly to the development of a new kind of forage that would provide a healthier option for all horses.

The Marskway Range

The original HorseHage featured ryegrass but the Marksway range now includes High Fibre and Timothy varieties which we are pleased to bring you here at Equi Supermarket. We also feature the highly regarded Marksway Mollichaf range of high fibre chaffs and complete feeds.

Highly Recommended Dust free Forage

In 1983, Marksway was awarded the Royal Warrant after the Queen’s horse, Burmese, was fed HorseHage when suffering from a respiratory problem. She became one of the many horses helped by this outstanding range of dust free forage. HorseHage has also been supplied to the British Equestrian Teams at every Olympic Games since Los Angeles in 1984. It is hard to imagine finer recommendations than these!

Why HorseHage?

HorseHage is a wholly natural product with no additives and it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system as well as a healthy respiratory system. Unlike haylage, which is often made from older pasture, HorseHage is created from crops which are reseeded every two to three years. This ensures that the nutritional content is maximised. HorseHage features the optimum moisture content for horses and is baled and packed so as to minimise bacterial growth and mould. The Marksway range offers exceptional feeds and forage for your horse. Every product is produced and packed to provide both optimal nutrition and an impressive shelf life.