Masta Horse Rugs

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Masta Horse Rugs

You will probably find that you need more than one rug for your horse. The changing seasons mean that different levels of insulation may be required. In addition, stable rugs do not feature the waterproof layer required for outside use. Turnout rugs should be removed when your horse is stabled to allow them to dry off. You may also consider investing in a cooler, an exercise sheet, a summer sheet or a rug for fly protection.

If you are looking to build a high quality collection of rugs for your horse, then you should consider the outstanding styles offered by Masta. With more than 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing horse rugs. Each style features optimised performance, the finest materials and appealing styling. This is a comprehensive collection of carefully conceived horse rugs which features styles to suit all horses and every season.

We are pleased to showcase the Masta range here at Equi Supemarket. The turnout rugs are available in a variety of weights to suit the changing weather and your horse’s inherent ability to retain heat. The stable rugs are lined with soft feel polyester for your horse’s comfort. We also offer the iconic Coolmasta with its unique weave which has been famously used by John Whitaker and his mount, Milton.

We would also like to draw your attention to the Rip Stop Fly Rug. This 100 denier mesh rug includes a stretch panel insert to produce an ergonomic neck design. This allows the horse to graze whilst the neck stays in place to maximise protection.

The Masta range of horse rugs provides the solutions you need for every season. Innovative, stylish and of the highest quality, Masta rugs will serve your horse well.