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Built to assist you every step of the way on your adventures, MUSTO performance clothing is backed by 50 years’ experience of developing technical apparel. MUSTO is the world’s leading offshore sailing collection and the same advanced fabrics and constructions are utilised to ensure that you remain comfortable in the country.

Olympic Inspiration

Keith MUSTO was a member of the British Olympic sailing squad in 1964. As he was a short and light man, he trained hard with the aim of using his superior fitness to compensate for his lack of physical stature. The hours he spent on the water revealed the shortcomings of the available clothing. Keith MUSTO won a silver medal at the Olympics and then set about producing better technical clothing for sailors. He taught himself the basics of manufacturing clothes and worked out of an old World War II prisoner of war hut. His wife machined the first garments and soon an innovative technical collection was evolved. The world’s leading sailors began wearing MUSTO and the rest is history!

MUSTO for Equestrians

The MUSTO collection is the perfect choice for your equestrian pursuits and life in the country. MUSTO is where great style meets amazing technical performance. The apparel is designed with incredible attention to detail. The positioning of every panel is carefully considered and the clothing is fashioned with the same care as a handmade pair of shoes. Wherever you are and whatever the elements, MUSTO apparel is up to the challenge.

MUSTO at Equi Supermarket

At Equi Supermarket, we are delighted to feature MUSTO jackets and gilets in our range. We know that you will appreciate the exceptional performance, durability and styling of this premium outdoor collection. When the going gets tough, MUSTO jackets keep you comfortable so you can continue with your adventures.