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NAF horse supplements

Natural Animal feeds is the most respected and probably the best known range of equine supplements in the UK. The company has 25 years’ experience of formulating and producing equine products and boasts a passionate team which is dedicated to horse welfare. The result is a premium range of supplements and care products made from the finest natural ingredients.

Natural Animal Feeds (NAF) use only natural ingredients in their range and these are ingredients which are fully traceable so you ca be assured of the highest quality. They are combined using unique formulas which have been developed by NAF’s veterinarian scientists and nutritionists. Natural Animal Feeds are proud to be official suppliers to the British Equestrian Team and provide a diverse range with something to help all horses.

Supplements, Balancers and Treats

Each horse is an individual and has its own unique dietary requirements. These will depend on the available forage, the horse’s exercise regime and any conditions that it may suffer from. Natural Animal Feeds’ supplements provide the perfect boost for excellent general health and to address a variety of issues. If your horse is excitable, prone to respiratory issues or experiences mobility problems then there are NAF supplements to help. There are effective supplements to aid performance and to also to promote a shiny coat.

There may be times when your horse’s diet of forage could need a boost of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The NAF feed balancers are the perfect choice to ensure that your horse receives all the nutrients it needs. NAF treats are the perfect way to reward your horse but in a healthy way. The delicious treats are always big favourites.

Hoof Care

Horse’s hooves require particular care and attention. The NAF range provides everything you need to ensure that your horse has healthy hooves. With Hoof Moist and Pro Feet pellets and much more, problem hooves are a thing of the past with NAF.

Grooming, First Aid and Fly Protection

The Natural Animal Feeds range also features a fabulous collection of grooming products, fly repellents and first aid products. With exceptional shampoos, fly sprays and much more, NAF ensure that your horse always looks and feels fabulous.

Natural Animal Feeds really have mastered the art of exceptional equine care products. They help your horse to be the best that it can be every day.