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Robinson Healthcare

Robinson healthcare is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of healthcare products for both people and animals. Robinson produce the only licensed veterinary poultice dressing and this is complemented by veterinary wound care and cotton wool products suitable for horses and dogs. You can trust Robinson Healthcare to deliver dressings that you can rely on.

Robinson Healthcare History

The company was founded in 1839 by John Bradbury Robinson. He was a Derbyshire chemist who initially established a business making pill boxes. Eventually the company diversified and began manufacturing surgical dressings to satisfy the demand created by the ongoing Crimean War. Robinsons pioneered the manufacture of medical cotton wool and worked with Dr Joseph Sampson Gamgee to patent the famous Gamgee tissue.

The Robinson Healthcare Range

We are proud to feature Robinson’s fine medical products. We have chosen the fine hoof dressing, cotton wool roll, Animalintex, ice packs and veterinary Gamgee. Animalintex is the only licensed absorbent multi-layered poultice and wound dressing available. It is a Veterinary Medicinal Product and is therefore licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). It can be used as a hot poultice, cold poultice or a dry dressing to treat infected wounds, open wounds, foot punctures, corns, bruised soles, thrush, seedy toe, abscesses, laminitis, sandcracks and thorns.

Veterinary Gamgee is the veterinary version of the well-known Gamgee rolls used by human doctors and nurses. It is made up of a thick layer of highly absorbent cotton which is enclosed in a traditional cotton gauze cover. Veterinary Gamgee insulates and cushions wounds, protecting them from further trauma.

Robinson Healthcare products should always feature in your equine or canine first aid box. There is no substitute for the best wound dressings and you will always be glad that you have them to hand when you need to attend to an injury.