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Saracen Horse Feeds

With over 170 years’ experience in producing animal feeds, Saracen is a Family run business with an exceptional heritage. Dedicated to developing and manufacturing the finest diets for horses, Saracen has always stayed true to its original values of trust, integrity, quality, and commitment.

Saracen Horse Feeds Innovation

Saracen is currently under the leadership of the fourth generation of the Walker family. It is a company that has moved with the times and uses its state of the art manufacturing facilities to produce exceptional research-led formulations and new innovations. The company was the first to offer a diet specifically for senior equines – Veteran Mix. This was followed by Enduro-100 which is a favourite with many international endurance stables. Shape-Up™ Balancer is a specialist, low calorie balancer for good doers, laminitics and those prone to weight gain.

The Saracen Horse Feeds Range

The range also features Bio-Life Balancer, a nutrient-packed feed balancer designed for low levels of feeding together with Show Improver Pencils which are a unique, barley free conditioning feed suitable for all types of horses and ponies. You will also discover Equi-Jewel, a calorie rich feed supplement and the high performance mix Re-Leve.

Saracen Horse Feeds for Every Horse

The Saracen range offers feeds and balancers to suit all types of horses in their various stages of life, activity and growth. These fine products deliver the highest quality nutrition at reasonable prices. Saracen set themselves extremely high standards and always strive to exceed them so that equestrians have the best options for their horses. Every ingredient used is declared on every packet so you know exactly what you are feeding your horse. We are delighted to include Saracen Horse Feeds in the Equi Supermarket range.