Strongid P horse wormers

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Strongid P Horse Wormers

Unfortunately parasites and worms live in horses’ intestines. Small numbers of these worms are easily tolerated and will not affect the health and well-being of the horse. However, large worm burdens can result in diarrhoea, colic and even death. Some horses are more susceptible to worms than others.

You should use good pasture management to control parasites but a programme of wormers will also be required to keep worms in your horse’s intestines under control. There are several types of wormer. Each features a chemical called an anthelmintic. These are active ingredients which address worms and parasites. No single anthelmintic will treat all species of worm.

Strongid-P is an oral paste for horses manufactured by Pfizer. It contains 43.9% Pyrantel embonate. This is an anthelmintic which is highly effective against roundworms, ascarids and pinworms. A double dose of Strongid –P will control tapeworms and this is best administered in the spring and autumn. Strongid-P may also be used to treat benzimidazole (Fenbenzodole) resistant strains of small redworms.

Pinworms (Oxyuris equi)

These are small white worms which live in the lower intestine of horses and then crawl out to lay their eggs around the anus. This can cause rubbing, itching, hair loss, sores and wounds. Horses can severely self-harm if infested with pinworms. The eggs are dislodged by droppings and fall into bedding and pasture and so a new life cycle begins.

Large Roundworms (Ascarids)

These critters can reach up to 50cm in length and mainly afflict young animals. This is because horses do develop immunity to roundworms with age. These worms can lead to poor growth, digestive disorders and respiratory issues. Larvae move from the lungs to the intestines and this can cause horses to cough. Eggs can survive in soil and stable matter for several years and horses become infected when then ingest the eggs.

Small Redworms (Cyathostomes)

Small redworms are the most common internal parasites which affect horses. The worms hibernate in the gut and then produce many larvae which damage the lining of the gut. This leads to diarrhoea, colic, weight loss and can even prove fatal.

Strongid-P is a highly regarded oral paste and has been used to address parasites in horses for a number of years. The dosage instructions should be followed carefully to ensure that treatment is safe.