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Verm X Horse Wormers

It is essential to control worms and parasites in horses. Infestations can lead to a variety of serious health issues. Unfortunately many horses are sensitive to pharmaceuticals and may react badly to the active ingredients in worm treatments. Verm-X is a range of palatable, all natural formulas which enhance intestinal hygiene but which are kind to the digestive system.

Verm-X is available in both liquid and powder form. It is designed to remain active throughout the year but must be fed as instructed. It reinforces the horse’s natural defences and cleanses their systems via a blend of herbal ingredients. It is hard to stop your horse picking up parasites but by preventing these from settling and causing harm you can negate the need for harsher treatments designed to expel them.

Verm-X will help you to avoid the use of unnecessary chemical treatments. It is a great choice if you are concerned about the overuse of chemicals resulting in parasites developing a resistance to them. No horses have been found to be sensitive to Verm-X products which are ideal for horses that are kept on organic farms.

Verm-X products are an effective element of parasite control and prevent unnecessary treatments. You should test your horse regularly for parasites using an approved testing kit as occasionally chemical treatments may still be required. Verm-X is safe to use and will not inhibit the effectiveness of pharmaceutical treatments should they be needed.

At Equi Supermarket we are delighted to bring you Verm-X, a natural defence against parasites which will enhance the well-bring of your horse. Verm-X is a British company which manufactures its products in Somerset. It is the only brand in the world focussed purely on natural intestinal hygiene products for animals.