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Weatherbeeta Horse Rugs

A little over 35 years ago a team of passionate equestrians founded WeatherBeeta. Their aim was to create rugs for horses that would represent a new departure in the industry. The rugs would feature new innovations and would be the next generation of blankets which utilised the latest fabrics and technologies. WeatherBeeta duly produced the first synthetic rugs for horses and they have never looked back.

The team at WeatherBeeta haven’t rested on their laurels and have continued to update and improve their fine rugs. By using laboratory research and by working with equestrians in the field, they ensure that their rugs provide the best options for horses. WeatherBeeta rugs feature computerised stitching technology to create the strongest seams and pressure points. Each rug is designed with great care to offer freedom of movement a fabulous fit. 1220D and 1680D ballistic nylon and a variety of fills deliver turnout rugs offering optimum performance and protection and there are stable rugs for all seasons in the range.

WeatherBeeta now offer an impressive array of horse rugs including turnout rugs, stable rugs, under rugs, exercise sheets, cooler sheets and show sheets. You will also appreciate their exceptional fly rugs and fly masks. Whatever the weather and wherever you are, WeatherBeeta have your horse covered!

The WeatherBeeta range features a number of separate collections and so there is something to suit all budgets. They haven’t forgotten man’s best friend either and offer dog rugs for your favourite pooches. They are dedicated to staying ahead of the game so that the WeatherBeeta name will always be your assurance of superior quality, performance and value for money. We are proud to showcase the WeatherBeeta range here at Equi Supermarket.