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Winergy Horse Supplements

Winergy is a horse feed company which has always been dedicated to producing outstanding choices for every horse. Using the latest technology and completely natural ingredients, Winergy formulate the feeds which deliver optimum performance.

At Winergy, feeds are created following extensive scientific research and trials which are conducted in the UK. The horse is always at the heart of the process and so each feed is developed to meet their needs and not those of the owners. The feeds meet horses’ physiological and psychological requirements and have revolutionised equine nutrition.

Winergy Equilibrium Condition

This is the latest nutritional breakthrough from Winergy. It is the first conditioning feed which has been scientifically proven to improve horses’ condition and to support muscle function, positive behaviour and digestive health. Traditional conditioning feeds are often high in cereals and so are high in starch and sugar. This can promote excitable behaviour, loose droppings, laminitis and gastric ulcers.

Winergy Equilibrium Condition produces energy principally from fibre and oil with carefully controlled levels of starch. The oil has been shown to be twice as efficient at improving weight gain as cereals but without any associated behavioural problems.

Winergy Equilibrium Medium Energy

This feed has been formulated to enhance the potential of every horse to enable them to be the best that they can be, whatever they are doing. Winergy Equilibrium Medium Energy maximises digestive health, helps to maintain hydration and encourages controlled performance. As with Equilibrium Condition, this feed features a blend of fibre and oil that delivers improved performance without the behavioural issues and health implications created by many feeds.

Winnergy Equilibrium Low Energy

Cutting edge nutrition reduced the reliance on cereal starch to produce a feed which delivers energy from a blend of fibre and oil. This means that peaks and troughs in blood sugar are avoided keeping horses on an even keel. This feed maximises digestive health and promotes good behaviour. It is suitable for animals prone to laminitis.

Winergy Ventilate

We are very pleased to be able to bring you the outstanding feeds from Winergy here at Equi Supermarket. The Equilibrium feeds are joined by Winergy Ventilate, an excellent feed which features a unique and balanced blend of antioxidants which help to maintain a healthy respiratory system.