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Barrier Antibacterial Eye & Nose Lotion 200ml

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Anti-Bacterial Eye & Nose LotionAnti-bacterial Eye & Nose Lotion is kind and gentle yet strong enough to remove discharge away from the eyes and nose and prevent bacteria accumulating.Contains: clear gel formulation for quick and easy absorption contains only the purest natural, non-toxic herbal concentrates. Soothes and Calms: Helps to soothe and calm raw areas. Nuisance Flies: Keeps disease carrying flies away from the eyes and nasal passages.Application: Flip-top lid for ease of application. Shake well before use. Apply with damp sponge , cloth or cotton wool and gently wipe around the eyes and nasal passages.Safety Data: Non-toxic, Non-irritant. No harmful chemicals. No artificial thickenersEndorsements & Tried & Tested: It was great for the removal of discharge from eyes and nose, yet kind and gentle. It worked well on our older horse, around her eyes where the flies love to be. It has quite a strong smell but was good. Score 10 out of 10. - Ellen Austin - June 2003.F.E.I. & Jockey Club Rules: No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene these rules.
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