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Aubiose Hemp Bedding 20kg Aubiose Hemp Bedding 20kg
Aubiose Hemp Bedding Derived from the soft core of the hemp plant, the superior quality remains consistent and there is always a ready supply. Clearly the best. Apart from significantly cutting down the workload and stable management Aubiose can greatly contribute to the general well being of the horse and rider - Especially if the animal suffers from respiratory problems. Tests carried out at Bri…

Aubiose Horse Bedding - what is it?

Hemp is a new and innovative form of horse bedding with much to recommend it. This is a highly absorbent and dust free bedding which suit all horses. Hemp horse bedding drains well and so the top layers always stay nice and dry for your horse’s comfort. This material is easy to dispose of as it breaks down quickly and it is also a cost effective choice.

If you are looking for a great hemp bedding then you have found it in the excellent Aubiose. This fine bedding cuts down your workload and is ideal for horses with respiratory problems. Aubiose is derived from the soft centre of hemp plants. These are cultivated without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and fungicides and so this is an environmentally friendly bedding which creates earth friendly fertiliser.

The benefits of Aubiose bedding...

Aubiose eases your workload at the stable as there will be no need to muck out daily. This is a durable material which will absorb up to 12 times more urine than straw products. You can top up your bedding using only one bale each week. Hemp bedding is easy to both store and spread and provides a naturally soft and spongy bed for your horse which traps ammonia odours. Aubiose drains well and so the top layer stays dry making life more comfortable and after use it decomposes quickly to become an excellent organic fertiliser which is popular with gardeners and mushroom growers.

Aubiose is unattractive to flies and insects and so will help keep these at bay. Horses are not usually interested in eating hemp products but the bedding should be sprinkled with a weak solution of disinfectant just in case. Hemp can cause horses’ stomachs to swell if they eat it. Hemp bedding could improve life for both you and your horse. Aubiose is a fabulous new form of bedding that is dust free, highly absorbent, earth friendly and easy to dispose of. What more could you ask for?


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