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Bed-Down Excel Classic Bale Bed-Down Excel Classic Bale
Bed-Down Excel Handy Bale Bed-Down Excel horse bedding has been developed to utilise the advantages of both straw – drainage and durability – and softwood shavings – absorbency – in one easy to use product. Bed-Down Excel spreads up to 1/3rd further than an equivalent sized bale of softwood shavings and by chopping the wheat straw Bed-Down Excel is easier to use than traditional baled long straw.…
Bed-Down Rapasorb: 20kg Bed-Down Rapasorb: 20kg
Bed-Down Rapasorb 20kg Bed-Down Rapasorb horse bedding is manufactured from high quality rape straw which is chopped to expose the highly absorbent inner pith and dust extracted to safeguard respiratory health. A pleasant fragrance is also added to keep the stable fresh for you and your horse.Rapasorb is more absorbent than conventional straw and it is also very durable, warm and comfortable ensur…

Bed Down Horse Bedding

Based in Norfolk, Bed-Down manufacture an exceptional range of animal bedding. We are delighted to feature Bed-Down Excel horse bedding in our range. This fine bedding provides an economic solution which combines the advantages of straw and shavings to give equestrians the best of both worlds.

Excel spreads up to a third further than shavings and is easier to use than straw bales. It is a blend of dust extracted chopped wheat straw and white wood shavings. This gives you the drainage and durability of straw but with the absorbency of wood shavings to create a highly absorbent, comfortable and affordable bedding. Dust is extracted up to 14 times to ensure that this bedding is suitable for horses with respiratory issues. Lemon fragrance is added to dissuade horses from feeding on the bedding and to create a more pleasant stable environment.

This highly absorbent material keeps waste to a minimum but the waste that you do generate will break down in 4 to 8 months. Mucking out is much more pleasant with that appealing lemon aroma and excel is so economical that you can split a bale between stables to make it go further. You can muck out in full daily if you wish but you won’t have to as soiled material is easily removed and replaced with fresh Excel bedding.

Bed-Down Excel bedding has proved to be a great choice for all horses from completion animals to retired ponies. It provides a comfortable and healthy stable environment, makes life easier for owners and can also provide excellent bedding for chickens. Excel is produced at Bed-Down’s own manufacturing facility to ensure consistency so that you can trust every single bale to really deliver.


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