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Grubs Frostline Wellies Grubs Frostline Wellies
Grubs Frostline Wellies The Grubs Frostline boot has a TRAX sole pattern, with small lugs front & rear to provide good 'push off' grip and a prominent heel for 'braking' grip. For ultimate comfort this boot has a 6mm Nitrocell that provides both insulation & cushioning. The uppers are manufactured from a composite of moisture wicking knit inner liner, a 5mm thick layer of insulating Chloroprene an…
Grubs Snowline Wellies Grubs Snowline Wellies
Grubs Snowline Wellies Green The Grubs Snowline 8.5 boot is a high performance field boot, designed for extreme winter weather and for those who intend on being outdoors for sustained periods of time, and in temperatures as low as -40º C. To achieve this level of insulation, the Grubs Snowline 8.5 Boot has a fleece lining, a 3mm Highloft air trap layer, a 5mm foam insulation layer and then a tough…

Grubs Boots

Footwear fashions come and go but Wellington Boots have been with us for a century and more. The boots are so practical and comfortable that they have been wardrobe staples for generations. We can all recognise Wellington boots but that doesn’t mean that all Wellingtons are of equal quality. Grubs Boots feature a variety of technologies to produce boots which offer exceptional comfort and protection from the elements.

The Grubs Boots Collection

We are pleased to bring you the impressive Grubs Riverline, Frostline, Fenline and Snowline Wellington boots. INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ and 5.0™ thermal technology combine to produce a self-insulating micro cellular construction in the material that makes each Grub Boot soft and comfortable but whilst offering exceptional levels of insulation against the cold.

Frostline boots will keep your feet warm in temperatures of -10°C whilst the Snowline boots are effective in temperatures as low as -40°C. Each Grubs style is hand finished and the uppers are made from an advanced material called Chloroprene. This is a high grade neoprene material.

To improve insulation and comfort, the boots feature a stretchy band that reduces the flow of cold air passing into them. To protect the neoprene from damage, layers of rubber are bonded to it. This creates an extremely stable and watertight structure. Inside the boots there is a layer of mesh that forms a barrier between the leg and the neoprene. this traps pockets to further improve the insulating properties of the boots.

Premium Wellingtons

Who would have thought that so much technology could be packed into a pair of wellies? Grubs boots are premium Wellingtons which are perfect for gardening, agricultural work or tackling any wet terrain when you are out and about. There is nothing worse than cold or wet feet but with grubs boots you can be sure that you can brave the elements without having to worry about your feet.


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