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Benefits of a Horse Riding Gilet

I must confess that it took me a while to get around to investing in my first horse riding gilet. This might well have been because my brain was hard wired to reject sleeveless garments having born witness to the atrocities that were 1970s tank tops! I still shudder when I think about those awful knits with hideous patterns that were so fashionable at the time. I did eventually get around to investing in a gilet and it proved to be quite revelation! So much so that I soon found myself collecting them. I wouldn’t say that my shopping got out of hand, but my old wardrobe has been replaced by a walk-in closet!

For Riding, For Walking, For Anywhere!

I would love to claim that my first gilet purchase was the result of careful thought, but it wasn’t. I bought it simply because I liked the colour. However, I quickly found that it came in very handy for my regular walks when it was a bit nippy outside. To be fair, it probably came in handy for my friends too as they could always see me coming. My new gilet was bright pink! I then decided that a gilet would be very useful for horse riding. I invested in a second because I thought that my horse-riding gilet should be a slightly more subdued colour. The second gilet was bright green!

Insulation and Freedom of Movement

Naturally, the main benefit of a gilet is the additional warmth. Together with the added bonus is that you have freedom of movement in your arms. This is a real boon when riding or walking and ensures that you are cosy but comfortable. The pockets come in handy too if you need somewhere to put your keys or your mobile phone. Gilets are great for our temperamental British weather too; one moment it can be warm, the next it's turned chilly. The gilet seems to be a perfect halfway house.


In my case, Gilets are also a great way to inject some colour into outfits. I can brighten up or tone down my look in an instant. Yes! I did eventually invest in a horse-riding gilet that was a sensible colour. It was the fact that everyone kept reaching for their sunglasses that made me think I should tone things down a little. My black gilet is extremely versatile and so although I intended to use it for riding, it is now a garment that I wear everywhere.


Gilets are available in a wide variety of styles to suit your individual taste and can be suitably contemporary or traditional. There are both casual and more formal gilets and even quite glamorous ones. I find it hard to resist the hooded variety with gorgeous fur trims and they are extremely useful for preventing your hair from being deranged in windy conditions. How strange that a garment which I had ignored for years has ended up being such a firm favourite. I would like to say that I can’t get enough of them but clearly, I can because I have so many that they have taken over my closet. You can have too much of a good thing!


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