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Toggi Mens Eco Socks Team GB Navy 3 Pack Toggi Mens Eco Socks Team GB Navy 3 Pack
Toggi Mens Eco Socks Team GB Navy 3 Pack These 3 pack socks contain bamboo which is a natural and sustainable resource and has its own antibacterial agent which naturally deodorises the fabric. Featuring three classic colours with the Toggi GBR branding.
Toggi Sport Reflex Compression Sock Navy Toggi Sport Reflex Compression Sock Navy
Toggi Sport Reflex Compression Socks Navy (Size 4-8) Compression Socks • Breathable • Compression • Arch Support • Cushion Footbed Fabric: Polyamide/Cotton/Elastane Available in 2 calf widths - XS/S MED/LGE

All you need to know about horse riding socks..

Although your horse riding socks are quite a small part of your riding attire, making sure you choose the right socks can increase your comfort levels and help you to focus on what you’re supposed to be doing. Socks get a lot of wear in comparison to other clothes, so it’s important to look at how well made they look and feel, as well as look out for areas that have a reinforced toe and heel.

You should also take a look at the materials that have been used so you can determine how sweat wicking the material might be. Socks are often worn under boots, so although you may not be bothered about the design, brighter tones and patterns can make pairing them up after a wash far easier - not to mention finding them!

Here’s a quick guide on finding the right horse riding socks for you:

Check The Materials

Start by looking at the materials of the socks. The right materials will ensure your socks are sweat wicking, warm, temperature regulating, comfortable, and long lasting.

It’s particularly important that the socks you choose can wick away sweat fairly easily, as horse riding boots are not the most breathable footwear and feet can sweat up to 400ml of fluid each day. This could leave you very uncomfortable and leave your feet in unhealthy conditions for a prolonged period of time.

As a rule, you should never buy socks made from 100% cotton. Cotton will absorb and hold moisture, so no good for sweat wicking and durability. Nylon is great as it wicks moisture, dries quickly, holds its shape and is less likely to thin out over time. Nylon socks are often long lasting, especially those that also contain a small amount of spandex and lycra. This material content will give the sock a little stretch and allow it to hug your foot comfortably.

Make Sure The Brand is Trustworthy

Look at the brand to ensure a history of high-quality clothing and great reputation. You can’t buy any old horse riding socks if you want to stay comfortable and stylish. If you purchase cheaper socks that aren't fit for purpose, you will be replacing them all the time.

Look For Reinforced Areas

Always look for reinforced areas to ensure you’re going to get the support you need. There are some key areas in a riding sock to look for:

  • The welt
  • Ribbing
  • Extra cushioning
  • Instep
  • Toe pocket
  • Heel
  • Arch
  • Toe seam

Socks may look the same, but looking at these areas to ensure expert craftsmanship is key. You will easily be able to tell if a sock is well made and expertly crafted this way.

Choose Different Colours and Patterns

Again, you may not care so much for colour and pattern, but this will help you in finding your socks when you need them and pairing them up once you’ve washed them. They may only be hidden under your riding boots, but a little colour can make your life a lot easier.


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