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Gold Label Sun Guard Lotion 500ml Gold Label Sun Guard Lotion 500ml
Gold Label Sun Guard Lotion 500ml A sunblock soother for horses with areas that are susceptible to the rays of the sun in an easy to apply lotion.
Barrier Sunburn Soother 250ml Barrier Sunburn Soother 250ml
Sunburn Soother - for horses, ponies and smaller petsSunburn Soother gives factor 25+ protection and is a must for horses with sensitive skin. So kind it can be applied to soothe existing sunburn and help protect against further sunburn.Uses: Sunburn can be a real problem for your horse or pony. Sunburn Soother contains natural minerals that give factor 25+ protection and concentrated plant deriva…
Equilibrium Skin Soother 200ml Equilibrium Skin Soother 200ml
Equilibrium Skin Soother 200ml Help soothe skin irritations gently and naturally New Skin Soother is a natural cooling gel to help calm and soothe skin irritations caused by insect bites, chafing, rubs, or sun burn. Skin Soother cooling gel is ideal for: Mane and tail rubs Sunburn Sensitive, dry or flaky skin Itchy, irritated skin Relief from insect or mite bites Skin Soother is made with active i…
Groom Away Sun Protection Cream 200ml Groom Away Sun Protection Cream 200ml
Groom Away Sun Protection Cream 200ml This non-oily, high protection UVB30 sun cream has been developed to protect sensitive skin and areas at risk of sunburn and to soothe and aid healing of already burned areas. Contains skin conditioners and restorers to provide complete sun protection and new generation mineral filters to give total, unbroken coverage.

Sun protection for horses

You probably use sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. You will doubtless have had days when you forgot to use it and ended up with painful sunburn. Exposure to the sun can damage your skin and will increase your chances of suffering from skin cancer. You should also be aware that your horse can get burned too and so requires sun protection.

Vulnerable Areas

Horses are particularly vulnerable in areas of exposed light skin around the nose and muzzle and also in areas where they have white body markings. Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to Squamous cell carcinomas which are small tumours that can form on pink skin. They are most likely to form around the eyes.

Protecting Your Horse From The Sun

It is important that you protect your horse from the sun but this requires a little thought and the right accessories. Obviously it is best to keep you horse out of the sun if at all possible. It really helps if your paddock had a shady area or a covered area to which your horse can retreat. You should also consider dressing your horse in a fly mask as many feature a flap to cover the muzzle and/or UV protection. A summer sheet will also be useful for greys or horses with light markings on their body.

Horse Sun Cream

The aforementioned vulnerable areas greatly benefit from the application of equine sun cream or sun block. This can be a little messy but it is well worth taking the trouble to provide this protection. No matter how careful you are accidents do still happen and so it is always good to have after sun lotions on stand-by.

At Equi Supermarket we offer both barrier sunburn soother and Nettex sun block. The good news is that you can use the sun block yourself! These carefully formulated products could save your horse from a great deal of pain and from developing more serious health issues after exposure to the sun.

The Blue Cross has an excellent article about looking after your horses in the summer sun


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