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Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle
Shires Deluxe Comfort Grazing Muzzle Proven to help with controlled or restricted feeding regimes and special diets, the Shires Grazing Muzzle has undergone something of an upgrade to greatly enhance its comfort and wearability. Cut back under the chin to avoid unnecessary pressure and improve the fit, it features comfort padding around inside of the muzzle to protect the delicate nose and chin. H…
Greenguard Horse Muzzle Greenguard Horse Muzzle
Greenguard Horse Muzzle A simple solution to reduce grass intake. Designed with vets for effective grazing management, it is ideal for excess weight, laminitis risk or the good doer. Allows unrestricted breathing and drinking, easy to attach and adjust, durable and UV resistant. One year guarantee against breakage. easy to attach and adjust durable and UV resistant allows unrestricted breathing an…
KM Elite Grazing Muzzle KM Elite Grazing Muzzle
KM Elite Padded Grazing Muzzle Deluxe Padded KM Elite Grazing muzzle to help limit grass intake. Made with new, pliable rubber for added comfort making the mask softer yet stronger. *Padding on the head strap for extra comfort *Tough, field tested rubber *Fully adjustable
Greenguard Horse Headcollar Greenguard Horse Headcollar
Greenguard Horse Headcollar Designed specifically for use with the Greenguard Grazing Muzzle.
Greenguard Muzzle - Spare Strap Greenguard Muzzle - Spare Strap
Shires Greenguard Muzzle - Spare Strap Spare strap for Shires Grazing Muzzle
ProTack Grazing Muzzle ProTack Grazing Muzzle
ProTack Grazing Muzzle The brilliant Grazing Muzzle is a great device to manage your horses weight during the summer months. The muzzle is made from a durable nylon webbing and features padding around the nose for comfort, adjustable straps and a quick release clip on the throat strap.

Equine Grazing Muzzles

A grazing muzzle may not look like they most attractive piece of your horses kit but they serve a very useful purpose - to prevent your horse or pony from over eating when turned out in the field. Controlling grass intake is important if you wish to manage your horses weight or they are prone to laminitis. A horse grazing muzzle has a number of holes through which your horse can only bite smaller areas of grass and therefore limits the amount they can eat over a period of time.

Our range includes different styles of grazing muzzles as well as headcollars designed specifically to work with a grazing muzzle. Find brands including Greenguard, Shires, Roma and more in a variety of colours and sizes from Pony to X Full. We also have deluxe padded versions for enhanced comfort.

Introducing a Grazing Muzzle

If this is your first grazing muzzle for your horse, it is best to introduce it gradually, for short periods at a time and in a rewarding way. Ensure it fits correctly and isn't pinching or too tight / loose for them. Check that your horse can drink adequately through the muzzle and that they have got the hang of grazing before leaving them for longer periods of time.

Use with Consideration

Never leave your horse wearing a grazing muzzle 24/7 - it is generally advised not to leave it on longer than 10 hours but each horse has different requirements. You will need to continually monitor your horse's condition, weight and behaviour and adjust the use of the grazing muzzle accordingly.

Although you are trying to reduce the amount of grass that your horse is consuming it is still important to make sure they still have plenty of fibre and a healthy balanced diet. If you need any further advice please contact an equine nutritionist or your vet.


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