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Stirrup Irons & Treads

Dever Flexi Stirrup Irons Dever Flexi Stirrup Irons
Dever Steel Flexi Irons These Flexi Irons are made from Stainless Steel. They are designed to "flex" backwards and forwards. The flexible feature of these irons help to reduce the strain on the knee and ankle joints and also help the rider maintain the correct lower leg position. They are supplied with black rubber treads. Spare Treads for the Dever Flexi Irons are available to purchase seperately…
Le Mieux Acavallo Opera Stirrup Le Mieux Acavallo Opera Stirrup
Le Mieux Acavallo Opera Stirrup The Opera stirrup is a completely new concept in riding because of its special patented loop construction, which allows the stirrup to adhere to the saddle flap, avoiding friction between the leg and the stirrup. This gives a more correct, comfortable and secure ride as the stirrup hangs with perfect balance, angle & flexibility. The large laser cut stainless steel…
Equilibrium Symmetry Lower Leg Strap Equilibrium Symmetry Lower Leg Strap
Equilibrium Symmetry Lower Leg Strap A Simple and Effective Lower Leg Training Aid Symmetry Straps are a simple idea designed to help riders develop a feel for the correct leg position in the saddle and to train the body to be able to adopt and maintain this position easily, in a safe, simple to use and discreet way. This unique training aid works by securing the stirrup iron to the girth in a saf…
Fillis Stirrups Rose Gold 12cm Fillis Stirrups Rose Gold 12cm
Fillis Stirrups Rose Gold 12cm Fillis, the original with the best workmanship and in high quality stainless steel in rose gold alloy. With black rubber tread. Pair
Imperial Riding Stirrup Extra II Imperial Riding Stirrup Extra II
Imperial Riding Stirrup Extra II Stirrups that feel pleasant while riding and are super light, made of shiny aluminium. The metal bows look very sporty, and they have a particularly dynamic shape. These Stirrups guarantee comfort and stability for both the horse and the rider. The wide footbed with metal profile offer you outstanding hold. Thanks to their low weight, these Stirrups are very easy t…
Shires Bent Leg Stirrup Irons Shires Bent Leg Stirrup Irons
Shires Bent Leg Stirrup Irons Otherwise known as the Australian simplex, these bent leg stirrup irons have been designed to help prevent the foot becoming caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall. Note: irons should be chosen according to foot size, 1.25cm of space either side of riding footwear is correct.
Shires Fillis Peacock Stirrups Shires Fillis Peacock Stirrups

The best Stirrups you will find online

We are confident that you will find the stirrups and stirrup leathers that you need here at Equi Supermarket! Our stirrups and stirrup leathers from Shire Equestrian and Bridleway are sure to serve you well.

Irons & Treads

Are you looking for the right stirrups at a great price? If so then you have found what you need here at Equi Supermarket. We stock high quality horse rider stirrup irons and stirrup treads from Shires Equestrian. The stirrup irons are available in different sizes to suit everyone’s feet.

Robust Stirrups

Standard stirrup irons haven’t changed much for 100 years apart from the fact that they are rarely made from iron anymore. Stirrups are now generally fashioned from stainless steel which is a robust material that also looks great. Always choose good quality stirrup irons as those made from inferior materials will not be up to the task and could break at any time.

Finding the Correct Size

It is also important that you select stirrups of the correct size for your feet. If the stirrup is too narrow then your foot can become stuck. This is extremely dangerous if you do fall from the saddle. If the stirrup is too wide then your foot could slip through it too easily. You should measure your foot when you are wearing your riding boots and allow for some wiggle room. Choose a stirrup which is a half to three quarters of an inch wider than your booted foot. Don’t forget that it is always safer to ride in proper riding boots with heels.

Stirrup Treads for Grip

The treads on your stirrups can wear down leaving you with insufficient grip. If this happens then act quickly and invest in new treads which we also offer here at Equi Supermarket. These inexpensive replacement treads could make all the difference.

Stirrup Leathers

You should also ensure that you choose the correct length of stirrup leathers. Everyone has their preferred length to ride at and your choice will also depend on the discipline you use your leathers for. There is a rough rule of thumb that you can use as a starting point to choosing the right length. Measure from your armpit to where your wrist meets your hand. Double this length and then round it up to the nearest stirrup leather length.

Stirrup Leather Lengths

    You may also find the following guide useful in making your choice:
  • Stirrup Leathers 42 - Childs
  • Stirrup Leathers 48 - Youth up to 5'2"
  • Stirrup Leathers 54 - 5'2" - 5'6"
  • Stirrup Leathers 57 - 5'7" - 5'9"
  • Stirrup Leathers 60 - 5'10" - 6'0"
  • Stirrup Leathers 64 - 6'0" +

Equi Supermarket is your one stop shop for equestrian clothing, equipment and accessories. From the finest competition wear to great stirrups, we have everything you need and at the lowest prices. Don't forget to check out our range of stirrup leathers too!

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