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Stockshop Gate Handle Stockshop Gate Handle
Further InformationFitted with an extra strong spring
Stock Multiwire Fencing Post Stock Multiwire Fencing Post
Electric fence posts each standing at 1.05cm high, to be used with electric fence tape or rope.
Stockshop Battery 6V Stockshop Battery 6V
Further InformationProduct SpecificationsInput Voltage6Type-Battery No.PJ996
Stockshop Corner Screw Insulator Stockshop Corner Screw Insulator
Further Information10 per pack Bulit on a 7mm dia metal support Can be used as a gate insulator Product Specifications Pack Qty 10
Stockshop Fence Warning Sign Stockshop Fence Warning Sign
Further InformationBy law a warning sign is required at 10m intervals where an electric fence is accessible to the public
Stockshop Polytape Stockshop Polytape
£19.95 - £52.95
200m in lengthParallel stainless steel conductors of 0.2mm15 steel conductorsProduct SpecificationsLength M 200Colour GreenWidth mm 40Conductors 15Tape Width 40mm
Stockshop Tape Clamp Insulator Stockshop Tape Clamp Insulator
Further InformationCan be screwed or nailed onto a wooden post Will firmly secure tape up to 40mm wide, electrified rope or polywire Product SpecificationsPack Qty1
Stockshop Tape Connector Stockshop Tape Connector
Stockshop Wire Rope Grip Stockshop Wire Rope Grip
Suitable for connecting rope or polywire.

Why Electric Fences For Horses?

If you haven’t used electric fences for horses before then electric fencing may sound like a rather radical solution to containment and protection. But electric fencing is actually a safe, practical and cost effective solution which has been used successfully for more than 70 years.

Safety is paramount

Electric fencing is safe for both people and horses. It delivers shocks which are certainly unpleasant but which do not cause permanent harm. The horses learn to respect the fencing and to avoid it. It therefore becomes more of a psychological barrier than a physical one. It is safer than traditional fencing because horses are far less likely to attempt to jump it or to break through it when they are spooked or stressed. Horses can use wooden fencing to rub against and this can injure them or damage the fence. Barbed wire can also be hazardous and so electric fencing is a safer alternative. Horses will learn to respect the fencing but will not be stressed by it.

Electric Fencing For Horses & Safety

Actually extensive research has shown that electric fencing is safe for both horses and humans providing that it is correctly installed. Electric fencing delivers unpleasant shocks but they are not harmful. Horses soon learn to avoid the fences and so they become more of a psychological barrier than a physical one. This means that they can prove to be safer than conventional fencing. Horses are less likely to attempt to jump electric fences or to try to break through them when they are spooked or over excited. Your horse is less likely to be injured by an electric fence than a wooden one and this type of fencing is certainly safer than barbed wire.

Horses develop a healthy respect for electric fencing but will not be stressed by them. Perhaps this type of fencing is sounding like a great idea?

Temporary or Permanent?

If you are considering installing electric fences for horses then you can choose between temporary or permanent fences. Permanent electric fencing is ideal for securing paddocks. It can be used in conjunction with traditional fencing to prevent horses from hurting themselves by rubbing against or chewing the wood. The electric fencing will protect the other fences from damage and so could save you money in the longer term. It will keep the horses in and unwanted visitors out!

Temporary electric fencing is ideal if you need to segregate areas of paddock or need to establish small areas of containment. The sections of fence can be moved at your convenience.

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance

Electric fencing is certainly practical and it is also cost effective. It will usually prove cheaper than other types of fencing and the low wire tension required and light materials mean that installation is straightforward. An electric fence can planned and constructed by just one person as there are no heavy elements to lift and handle. It is easy to maintain once installed and will provide years of service as it is rarely damaged due to pressure from the animals. A permanent electric fence can last for up to 40 years.

You should not attempt an installation without following the instructions carefully. If you are unsure about anything you should always seek expert advice. Particular care should be taken regarding the earthing of your system. You should also invest in and display the appropriate warning signs to ensure that well-meaning visitors do not receive a shock.

Electric fences for horses have many benefits. Although they sound a little intimidating and dangerous they are actually safer than traditional fencing in most cases. They could save you a lot of money on repairs and vets bills and they are extremely versatile.

Horse Electric Fence Posts at Equi Supermarket

We offer everything you need to construct safe, durable and cost effective electric fencing. Our collection features tape, insulators, batteries, connectors and line testers. Electric fencing for horses from Equi Supermarket offers you the efficient and safe system you need to keep your horses protected and to ensure there are no uninvited visitors.

How do you put up electric fencing?

If you would like to learn more about electric fencing for horses and how to put it up, then visit this website here.


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