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JFC Agri Tipping Wheelbarrow 250 Litre JFC Agri Tipping Wheelbarrow 250 Litre
JFC Agri Tipping Wheelbarrow 250 Litre This 250L tipping wheelbarrow is fitted with a galvanized metal frame and roller bearing pneumatic wheels to deliver superior maneuverability and smooth handling. It is tough, durable and lightweight in use, even with heavy loads. FEATURES Tough & durable polyethylene body mounted on to a galvanised metal frame. Protective steel plate on front lip of body pre…
Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow 90 Litres Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow 90 Litres
Multi-Purpose Wheelbarrow 90 Litres Conveniently flat-packed in a box, self-assembly required. With an extra rigid and durable polypropylene pan and tubular frame with tipping nose and powder coated finish. Strong and weather resistant, with a pneumatic 350mm tyre and high impact heavy duty wheel. It has a capacity of 90 litres.

Wheelbarrows for Sale

You need a variety of equipment to make life more practical at the stables and it is certainly difficult to survive without a good wheelbarrow. Your wheelbarrow has to work hard for you and so it must be durable yet light enough for you to easily handle. At Equi Supermarket we are pleased to bring you an outstanding collection of wheelbarrows which will even bring a splash of colour to the stables.

Choosing the Right Stable Wheelbarrows

Technology marches on delivering new ways of doing things and clever gadgets to make life easier. However, some of the things that we use never seem to be usurped by modern advances. These tend to be the simple but brilliant things that it is all too easy to take for granted. Who would want to be without their Wellington boots for instance? Stable wheelbarrows are another great example of equipment which has been with us seemingly forever and yet has changed little over the years.

Improving a Winning Formula

Naturally there have been subtle changes to wheelbarrow design. New materials have been introduced to make wheelbarrows more durable than ever and less vulnerable to corrosion. Reinforcements have been added so the barrows can support more weight. Wheel bearings have been improved to produce a smoother role. Wheelbarrows are better than ever but retain much of their original design.

The Choice

There are many wheelbarrows for you to choose from. Your stable wheelbarrows are going to get through a lot of work and so you need to choose the style which best suits your circumstances, and which makes life easiest for you.


Wheelbarrows are available in a variety of sizes. The more you have to muck out, the bigger the barrow you will need to cut down the number of journeys that you will have to make whilst pushing it. But don’t order enormous stable wheelbarrows if you don’t need them because the bigger they are the heavier they will be, either empty or full, making them harder work to push. In addition, the larger the barrow the bigger the space you need to store it.

Check out the capacity of the models that you are considering to ensure that you choose something which suits your workload. Don’t get carried away! It is tempting to select the biggest model but that means it will the heaviest one so make sure that it won’t be too heavy for you to manage.

One Wheel or Two?

A wheelbarrow is much easier to manoeuvre and to tip when it has only one wheel but two wheels make it more stable when on the move. Two wheels can be useful if you are handling heavy loads but will make it harder for you to negotiate corners and hills. Some models have a single wheel but can be converted to doubles. These will give you the maximum versatility.


Stable wheelbarrows with steel buckets are extremely robust and can handle very heavy loads but are liable to rust. Steel barrows should be stored somewhere where they are protected from the elements. Plastic buckets are lighter and will not rust but can crack under the strain of the heaviest loads. Plastic might also crack if exposed to extreme cold.


OK so the colour of your wheelbarrow isn’t going to affect its functionality but it can be fun to brighten up your life with something funky. Wheelbarrows with plastic buckets are available in a variety of colours so why not choose something which reflects your personality? A coloured barrow could also help to distinguish yours from others used at the stables.

The County Clipper

The County Clipper is a truly excellent wheelbarrow which sets new standards for its affordable price point. With a zinc plated chassis this model is scratch and corrosion resistant guaranteeing a longer life. The tyres are designed to provide exceptional traction and the double wheel bearings deliver amazing roll. Robust welding means that this barrow can truly take the strain and the square tipping bar ensures optimal balance when tipping. This wheelbarrow will certainly last the course and with burgandy, blue, green and pink barrows to choose from, one of these barrows will have your name on it!

The County Cruiser equestrian wheelbarrow

If you have a heavy workload then the 100 litre County Cruiser could be the perfect choice. This wheelbarrow features a substantial galvanised chassis fashioned from heavy grade tubing. Oversized bracing reinforces the construction and steel skids ensure that this barrow can take all the knocks that you can throw at it. Friction free rolling is a real boon with the County Cruiser and the pneumatic tubes enable you to perform DIY puncture repairs..

The Countryman

The Countyman is based on the excellent County Cruiser but boasts a 33% higher capacity making it the perfect choice if you have more than one horse or a larger paddock. It can be converted to a twin wheel model with the Duo Conversion Kit and will make light work of moving all that muck! County wheelbarrows are carefully designed to ensure that they are user friendly and as robust as possible. If you are struggling with your old, rickety wheelbarrow then let it go and treat yourself to a County model instead!


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