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Dubarry of Ireland

Back in 1937 a co-operative was formed in Galway, Ireland with a view to providing employment for the people of the small town of Ballinasloe. The new company was named Dubarry after a French Courtesan to distinguish it from other Irish enterprises. The local craftsmen and women worked hard to create an outstanding range of leather shoes which gained Dubarry of Irleand a reputation for superior workmanship and quality.

Style, Quality and Technology

Over the years, Dubarry of Ireland has evolved an exceptional range of country clothing and footwear. Every piece is fashioned from the finest materials and boasts a unique design. Inspired by the stunning West Coast of Ireland and the beauty of the countryside, the range perfectly combines heritage qualities, new technologies, the best materials and exceptional styling to deliver pieces that will always distinguish your wardrobe.

Dubarry Footwear, Clothing and Accessories

The Dubarry range offers a fabulous array of stylish options which we are delighted to showcase at Equi Supermarket. These include the iconic Dubarry Galway Boot.

Fashioned from luxurious, waterproof leather, the Dubarry Galway Boot is ideal for country walks and life in the great outdoors. Comfortable, insulating and beautifully designed, the boots are wardrobe essentials that you will never want to be without.

We are confident that you will appreciate the fine Dubarry jackets, coats, boots and accessories that we have chosen to feature. The distinctive styling and fine fabrics truly distinguish every design and provide a touch of elegance and a unique look for your country wardrobe.